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Delivery and return details

Ordering from FENIX® Shop is easy. We use industry-leading international couriers in order to get your products to you as quickly as possible, while all items are available for shipping worldwide.

How a FENIX SHOP order is shipped:

  1. Place your order online.
  2. Your order is processed by our team in the United Kingdom.
  3. If you have ordered a sample or your delivery location is outside the UK, you will receive a tracking number as soon as your order leaves our warehouse. Non-sample deliveries within the UK will be contacted confirming your delivery date.
  4. Non-UK delivery times will be determined by your delivery location. You can get a delivery estimate from your courier using your tracking number.
  5. All goods delivered outside of the United Kingdom (including samples) are transported under DAP incoterms® 2020. This means that international buyers take responsibility for paying any import duties and taxes. You can learn more about this in our terms and conditions.
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Delivery FAQs

What does delivery cost?

Delivery of X-KIN or X-KIN samples is free to all available worldwide locations. Under DAP incoterms┬« 2020, buyers may need to pay additional fees or tariffs when goods enter the delivery country. You can learn more about this in our terms and conditions.

Which couriers do FENIX Shop work with?

Your courier may vary based on geography. FENIX Shop overwhelmingly works with UPS, but may use other partners where necessary. All couriers are extensively vetted for reliability of service prior to use.

How long will my FENIX Shop delivery take?

Your delivery timescale will be determined by your delivery location and may be impacted by local customs requirements. UK orders usually arrive within 48 hours. International orders will be delivered by courier and you will receive a tracking number shortly after purchase. You will be able to use this tracking number to find your estimated delivery date.

Will I be notified ahead of my delivery?

All X-KIN purchasers will receive updates from the courier close to their delivery. Sample purchasers may not receive this update.

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Do you have an issue with your order?

Once you have received your first email from the courier, it is best to use the reference number provided to track your order. For any issues with this, contact the courier directly.

If you are having issues contacting the courier or if you have not received an email with your tracking number, please use our online form via the link below.

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Returning your item?

We're sorry that you didn't love your FENIX Shop purchase. We are passionate about delivering transformative products and want to give every customer the best overall experience possible.

If we failed to meet our exceptionally high standards, contact us for a full refund. Please note that tariffs and duties paid by the buyer to import goods may be non-refundable, but the return of your goods will be free.

Please be aware that returns are accepted in line with our terms and conditions and these may be referenced when discussing your return.

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